Actress Rose McGowan accuses Bill Maher of sexual harassment

The whole #MeToo movement and #BelieveAllWomen movement was nothing more than a liberal political movement disguised as protecting women from sexual predators. Simply look at how those in the media and on the left, including […]

UK journalist being investigated for hate crime after ‘misgendering’ in tweet

The thought police are real and apparently, in the United Kingdom, offending them could land you in jail. Seriously, the whole situation began on “Good Morning Britain” where Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow and transgender activist […]

NBC’s Tom Brokaw getting criticized for comments on Hispanics

Tom Brokaw has been around a long time and is definitely a member of the liberal media. I mean the guy works for NBC, so you’re likely not to even get an interview unless you […]

Writer thinks Yelp users who say food is authentic are perpetuating ‘white supremacy’

Sara Kay, a cooking and nutrition educator in New York City, has been studying reviews on Yelp and¬†¬†uncovered some trends that trouble her. It would seem that many white users are calling ethnic foods “authentic” […]