Don’t correct someone when they say ‘libery’ instead of ‘library’ because that’s apparently racist now

Woke SJW librarians are scolding other white librarians on Twitter for being annoyed and correcting people who say ”libery” instead of “library.” Because that’s racist now, apparently Don’t assume people want to be corrected. Because […]

Liberal comedian Ricky Gervais starting to understand Left’s contempt for free speech

Comedy is a terrific tool. Of course it’s an opportunity to laugh and unwind, but more importantly is that it’s a chance for society to look at hot button issues and topics, go in uncomfortable […]

Nick Cannon stands up for Kevin Hart, posts homophobic tweets from liberal, female comedians

Earlier this week, it was announced the Kevin Hart would be the host of the 2019 Oscars. But a few days later, some Hart tweets from 2009 and 2010 resurfaced. Hart posed some anti-gay tweets […]