Alyssa Milano reveals two abortions, says if she hadn’t had them ‘life would be completely lacking all its great joys’

On her ”Sorry Not Sorry” podcast, actress Alyssa Milano talks about two abortions she had when she was younger, then rails against female sexual oppression by men. Milano, who said she was on birth control […]


Stacey Abrams considering a 2020 presidential run

Apparently, in the Democratic Party failing up is an actual thing. Failed senate candidate Beto O’RourkeĀ  – the “great gesticulator” – was defeated by the Democrat’s version of Satan in human form, Republican Ted Cruz. […]

Stay classy podcasts: ‘Ron Burgundy Podcast’ coming in 2019

Ron Burgundy is a classic character that, because of his arrogance and stupidity, never ever gets old and is always good for a laugh. The former San Diego news anchor is easily Will Ferrell’s most […]