‘Unplanned’ movie Twitter account surpasses Planned Parenthood in number of followers

‘Unplanned’ is not only doing well at the box office, but after a brief suspension on Twitter, they are sticking it to Planned Parenthood on the social media site too. Abby Johnson tweeted that the […]


‘Big Bang Theory’ producer blocks ‘Unplanned’ actress after she schools him on science

“Unplanned” performed very well at the box office this weekend, so now that it’s mainstream, liberals are out to try to demonize the film. Salon is probably already scrambling to write a post about how […]

‘Unplanned’ actress goes after Alyssa Milano, feminism and says movie changed her view on abortion

“Unplanned” is a film about one woman’s journey from high-level Planned Parenthood employee to pro-life activist. Abby Johnson, who had worked at the abortion provided, entirely changed her outlook on the “medical procedure” after witnessing […]