Peter Navarro, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo live in an alternate universe

Two-time impeached President Donald Trump is on his way out of office. But that doesn’t mean Trump’s people and his Fox News sycophants will stop lying on his behalf. No, instead that appears to mean […]

Jake Tapper, Peter Navarro get into heated exchange

Late last week we learned that President Trump understood that the coronavirus was, in fact, deadly, actually fives more deadly than the flu. This happened after audio recordings and excerpts of journalist Bob Woodward’s upcoming […]

After Op-ed criticizing Fauci, White House rushes to save face & admits they can’t control their own employees

With more than 136,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus pandemic, the White House, President Trump and his administration want everyone to believe they have a handle on the situation. On Tuesday, the United States set […]