VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway gives CNN’s Jim Acosta a verbal beatdown

President Donald Trump is set to address the nation at  9 p.m. this evening. Trump will discuss the partial government shutdown and funding for his much-promised wall on the southern border. He’s expected to make […]


Rapper Kanye West begins new year tweeting about Trump, MAGA hats

One of the biggest stories in 2018 was rapper Kanye West meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. During his meeting with Trump, with the cameras present, West went on a 10-minute monologue […]

Alec Baldwin to return to SNL as Trump

Since its inception way back in 1977, Saturday Night Live has lampooned every President of the United States of America. Chevy Chase, Phil Hartman, Daryl Hammond and Will Ferrell are just a few of the […]