Biden: ‘Wasn’t one hint of scandal or a lie’ during Obama administration

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to hold a lead amongst most Democrats in the race for his party’s nomination.  Likely, his lead is due to the fact that some many of his opponents are […]


Joe Biden says ‘no whisper of scandal’ during Obama administration

After months of speculation, old Joe Biden is running for President of the United States. However, following his announcement on Thursday morning, the question of his age was immediately raised. Is 76 too old to […]

Former AG Eric Holder decides against presidential run

While every nearly every Democrat in existence is running or is contemplating a run for president. One just said thanks, but no thanks. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that he will not seek […]

VIDEO: CNN commentator Van Jones praises Republicans at CPAC: ‘You’re the leader on this issue’

What’s wrong with working and talking with someone that you may not entirely agree with on every single or most issues? The answer: Nothing. But in today’s hyper-partisan political climate, tribalism, and trying to prove […]