VIDEO: De Blasio encourages people to avoid large gatherings, makes exception for BLM protests

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, for a couple of months, was actually running for President of the United States. Due to being an awful candidate and running a bad campaign, de Blasio was […]

Rudy Giuliani blasts NYC Mayor de Blasio’s response to pandemic

Rudy Giuliani is upset. He’s upset about the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic that has lead to thousands of people losing their lives. However, he’s peeved at, not the federal government, but the municipal […]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio drops 2020 presidential bid, Trump responds with hilarious message

Anyone who thought New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio actually had a shot of becoming President of the United States needs their head examined and their voting rights revoked. De Blasio’s own city doesn’t […]