Parkland Public Safety Commission releases report exposing security breaches and calls for arming teachers

Nearly one year after the Parkland school shooting, the Parkland Public Safety Commission has released an eyebrow raising report that highlights missteps made in school security measures and calls for arming teachers. The 458 page […]


Comedian Tom Arnold calls NRA, Dana Loesch terrorists, Twitter responds

Anytime a shooting occurs celebrities absolutely lose their minds. Normally, after they are through calling for the banning of all guns and shouting about doing away with the 2nd Amendment, they head over to social […]

Republican Mike Braun picks up endorsements of U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NRA

Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly are still running neck-and-neck in the race for Senate in Indiana.  The latest poll has Donnelly leading Braun by three percentage points, with an 2.5 point margin of error. Basically, […]