Troy Aikman and Joe Buck caught on hot mic mocking military flyover

NFL commentators Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are facing backlash after the two were caught on a hot mic mocking a military flyover of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa just before the Green Bay Packers-Tampa […]

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson defends NFL star DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic post

As I’ve said before, racism still exists and we’ll never, ever be able to eradicate it. There will always be ignorant people who simply hate others for no other reason than they happen to have […]

Journalist Jason Whitlock shreds NFL: Failure of leadership, cowardice of men

Jason Whitlock, throughout his career, has ruffled feathers. He often goes against the grain and says what other people in his profession will not. Recently, Whitlock appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to break […]