Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren should reconsider 2020 presidential run, missed her opportunity in 2016

Anyone with who pays even the smallest amount of attention to the news knows that Elizabeth Warren is running for president. Yes, the liberal United States senator from Massachusetts will most likely launch a campaign […]


‘Unbiased’ reporter says ‘f**king John James…..that would suck’

Listen, everybody has an opinion and everyone understands that, right?  Of course, they do. Well all have our preferences, including reporters. However, it becomes a problem when reporters continue to say over and over that […]

NYT publishes anonymous op-ed from high-ranking Trump official ‘working to thwart Trump’s agenda’

President Trump isn’t going to be happy when he hears about this. President Trump is going to set Twitter on fire after he reads this latest piece full of criticism from someone within his own […]