Washington Post accuses Starbucks of racism over… name on cup

If there is any instance in which racism could possibly a motivating factor in anyway or associated with a story at all, the media will cover it. In the latest instance of the media overreaching […]

Ocasio-Cortez attacks NYT, refers to them as cowards

One of the things Democrats have consistently and constantly beaten up on President Trump for has been his attacks on the press. CNN and the New York Times were usual targets as Trump were refer […]

New York Times apologizes for publishing anti-Semitic cartoon

The New York Times is in some hot water and it’s an entirely a controversy of their own making. Apparently, on Thursday, “The Gray Lady,” in its international addition, ran an anti-Semitic cartoon. The Times’ […]

‘Conservative’ blogger for Washington Post lays out ‘dream ticket’ choices

The Washington Post has a long history of being a fairly liberal paper. From their editorials to even their news coverage, nine times out of 10 the Washington Post will take a liberal angle on […]