OAN runs massive disclaimer before MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s election documentary

OAN is straight garbage. It’s nothing more than a propaganda outlet for members of the Trump cult. They are trying to do nothing more than outFox Fox News but with terrible hosts and much worse, […]

Lol! Guy schools CNN’s Chris Cuomo while eating Ramen Noodles

Several weeks ago, CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed to call for protesters to continue destroying small businesses, trashing public streets and vandalizing memorials and monuments. Following a weekend of riots around the country, Cuomo made the […]

Rudy Giuliani, Piers Morgan get into argument, throw insults at each other

Piers Morgan is the host of Good Morning Britain, a program similar to Good Morning America but with more substantive news and less cooking and cat segments. On Thursday morning’s program, the show had former […]

Gov. Cuomo blasts NYPD and Bill de Blasio, says they ‘did not do their job’

Protests across the country continue and with many of those mayors instituting curfews. However, unfortunately there is still some looting and rioting going on and that doesn’t do anything positive for anyone. It hurts the […]