Cory Booker sometimes wants to punch President Trump

Violence is bad, according to the left. Words, hugs and talking can solve all the world’s ills, they tells us. Well, all that and a $15 minimum wage, too. New Jersey senator and Democratic presidential […]


Sen. Cory Booker claims ‘elections were stolen’

Democrats running for president really want to dramatically transform the country. They want to get rid of private insurance, raise taxes so that “the rich pays their fair share,” implement the radical, massive power-grab that […]

Sen. Cory Booker holds presidential campaign kickoff in hometown, attendance is awful

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is running for president but going by attendance at his latest event, no one really cares. On Saturday, Booker was scheduled to hold a kickoff event for his presidential campaign […]

Dem Cory Booker says term limits for Supreme Court justices should be considered

The Democratic Party really wants to change the United States of America. So far their presidential candidates have endorsed Medicare for All, dismantling and abolishing the Electoral College, lowering the voting age to 16, endorsed […]