New Hampshire poll has Beto at 0%, Bernie support falling

There’s still several months until Democrats cast their votes in the primary. A lot of things can change between now and January 2020 when Iowans caucus that’s a given. But polls, while they take the […]


Trouble brewing? Buttigieg takes shot at Bernie Sanders

Right now South Bend, Indiana Mayor has the media swooning. He’s a mayor, Ivy League educated, a veteran and a gay married man. If elected, he’d be our first nation’s first openly gay president. So, […]

Poll shows which Democrat New Hampshire voters prefer

The beginning of the 2020 presidential primary is a little less than a year away but that’s not stopping voters from already throwing their support behind candidates. A new poll from the University of New […]

Kamala Harris says she’s not a democratic socialist

The announced Democratic presidential candidates have moved pretty far to the left. Many have endorsed Medicare for all, ending private insurance all together, The Green New Deal and free college for all. However, it’s about […]