Jeopardy! champ unable to name Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse

So, if you’ve watched Jeopardy! at anytime in the last three weeks or so you’re probably well aware of this guy James Holzhauer.  Heck, even if you haven’t watched the popular gameshow, you’ve probably still […]

Dems block Sen. Sasse infanticide ban bill

To many Democrats abortion and protecting abortion is a top priority.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that any and all attempts to put restrictions on the “procedure” will be met with the fire and fury of […]

WATCH: ACLU actually comparing Kavanaugh to Weinstein and Cosby in new ad

The left is absolutely losing their mind over Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the fact that he could very well be on the Supreme Court. Let’s be honest, the Democrats are throwing anything and everything at […]