Cast of ‘Parks and Recreation’ set to reunite in 2019

No, they aren’t rebooting the show…yet. But the gang from Pawnee, Indiana will reunite in 2019. The recently-announced reunion will apart of PaleyFest in L.A. in mid-March.  It will mark 10 years since the NBC sitcom […]


President Trump wants SNL ‘tested in courts’

President Donald Trump is once again upset by Saturday Night Live. On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted that SNL and the network that it’s on, NBC, should “be tested in courts” because of their “one sided […]

Recent photo fuels further speculation of possible ‘The Office’ reboot

“The Office” is easily one of the best television shows of the last 10-20 years, if not ever. Michael Scott, the boss of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch is a boss unlike any other. He’s […]

Poll finds America’s most trusted news personalities

While public trust in Congress is usually pretty low, trust in the media generally ranks lower.  Despite, constant calls of Fake News from people on both side of the political spectrum, including President Trump, one […]