People believe obviously fake tweet about NFL team signing Colin Kaepernick

People are dumb, gullible, naive, whatever you want to call it. Don’t believe me? Go outside and talk to 10 random people, and you’ll probably come to the conclusion that at least two of those […]


After Browns-Steelers brawl, ESPN reporter accuses QB struck with helmet of saying something ‘egregious’

ESPN, when they made the decision to interject politics into their coverage, lost a ton of viewers. Well, after seeing their nosedive in viewership, the network changed direction, saying there were no longer going to […]

ESPN looking at Peyton Manning for ‘Monday Night Football’

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest to have ever stepped onto a football field. He set all kinds of passing records, won five MVPs and two Super Bowls. If there was ever a lock […]