Backlash against Carrie Underwood after singer likes conservative writer Matt Walsh’s anti-mask tweet

Country singer Carrie Underwood irked fans after they discovered the former American Idol winner liked Matt Walsh’s anti-mask video he posted on Twitter. “The Daily Wire” commentator and writer spoke at the Nashville School Board […]

Politicon 2019: Panels, debates and fun in Nashville, Tennessee

In our current political discourse, you’re either right or left, my friend or my enemy. Tribalism is the name of the game and no one really seems interested in having sane, level-headed discussions where common […]

James Comey: I’m headed to New Zealand if Trump wins in 2020

So, there were a ton of speakers, panels, meet and greets and book signings at Politicon this past weekend in Nashville. Basically, any big and recognizable name in the world of politics was there giving […]