Kayleigh McEnany spins, pivots and punts when asked about Confederate flags at Trump rallies

For some reason, people still fly and wear clothing adorned with the Confederate flag. Perhaps they are fans of traitors, treason or just have an awful, tacky fashion sense. Who really knows, right? But whatever […]

‘The American Independent’ reporter shows once again why people aren’t fans of the media

In 2016, the mainstream media and well, nearly everyone else had the presidential election entirely wrong. Hillary Clinton is going to be president. She’s going to win in an historic landslide. Get ready to start […]

Eli Lilly pulls sponsorship of Conor Daly; Makes child pay for sins of the father

In a story that just continues to get worse with each passing day, Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly has pulled their sponsorship of race car driver Conor Daly just ahead of a race this weekend. […]