Dem Cory Booker says term limits for Supreme Court justices should be considered

The Democratic Party really wants to change the United States of America. So far their presidential candidates have endorsed Medicare for All, dismantling and abolishing the Electoral College, lowering the voting age to 16, endorsed […]


Bill Maher goes after Dems for refusing to give Fox News primary debate

Last week, the National Democratic Party chair Tom Perez announced that his party would not be giving Fox News a primary debate. Instead, they would be giving their debates to the other stations where the […]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has ‘zero sympathy’ for those cheating to get into college

On Tuesday morning, the FBI unveiled a massive investigation into parents cheating/scamming to get their children into colleges/universities. Caught up in the alleged cheating operating were CEOs and actresses, including Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman. […]

VIDEO: Presidential candidate Hickenlooper refuses to say if he’s a capitalist

The Democratic Party is openly embracing socialism. The party’s top candidate is a self avowed socialist who wants the government to have more and more control of your life and money. As it stands, capitalism […]