McConnell’s campaign begins selling ‘Cocaine Mitch’ t-shirts

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is an easy target. He’s been in Washington for decades and he’s in a leadership position. So, it’s easy to blame legislation or the lack there of on McConnell. He’s also […]


Mitch McConnell launches 2020 re-election campaign, releases video

Mitch McConnell is one person that is disliked by people on both the right and the left. However, the Senate Majority Leader has been able to get some pretty important things done in the last […]

Dem strategist posts video of McConnell tripping, falling & gets massive backlash

There are some truly despicable people in the world.  For instance, those people who openly advocate for the murder of innocent people right up until the child is born and those who support infanticide immediately […]

Bernie Sanders upset Republicans voted against Green New Deal; He didn’t take a position on vote

The Green New Deal is a controversial bill. It’s disguised as a response to combatting climate change but anyone with any kind of reading comprehension will be able to decipher that it’s nothing more than […]