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VP Pence Votes Absentee but Lists Governor’s Mansion as his Address

Former Indiana governor and current Vice President Mike Pence voted absentee in Tuesday’s primary. However, WIBC reports that the VP listed his address on the ballot as the Governor’s Mansion.

That must have come as a surprise to current governor Eric Holcomb, who moved in last year.

From WIBC:

John Zody, the chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released a statement about the vote.

“We agree with the Vice President’s rhetoric – we should be working to strengthen Hoosiers’ confidence in our electoral system,” Zody said. “Asking for more information about how he cast his vote in this primary election will go a long way toward that.”

Zody noted that according to Indiana law, a person’s has intention to return to their residence, meaning Pence would eventually live at the Governor’s Residence again.

“If the Vice President intends to return to the Governor’s Residence, I’m betting that’s news to Governor Holcomb and to Hoosiers,” Zody said. “We are requesting an explanation.”

This continues to be an issue with candidates in the state of Indiana. For some reason, they have a very hard time keeping an address in their home state and it’s cost several of them their elections.

Senator Richard Lugar was registered to vote at an address he hadn’t lived at for thirty years and it likely cost him his senate seat back in 2012. He still owns a family farm  in the state and after the residency issue,  switched his voter registration over to that address instead.

When he was running for Senate back in 2016, Evan Bayh also gave an incorrect address for his Indianapolis residence.

And most recently, Congressman Luke Messer who was vying for the Indiana GOP Senate nomination was attacked by his primary opponents for moving his family to DC instead of keeping a home in his congressional district.

This is such a simple problem to solve. Don’t sell your home and if you do, don’t list your address someplace you don’t live! I think voters would prefer a politician who is honest about where he lives rather than finding out during the campaign cycle that they are trying to fool their voters into thinking they still live in the state where they are running for office.

As for Mike Pence, well, that was a REALLY dumb thing to do and I’m not sure his vote should even count.


Trump campaign to Rokita: Take down your yard signs

They say there are only two things we can be sure of in life: death and taxes. Well, we might as well add another to that list: political campaigns with yard signs.

Every candidate likes seeing their signs with their name, website and ill-conceived logo and color scheme in a voter’s yard. That has to be the case, because why else would campaigns spend valuable funds on signs.

Anyway, one campaign that isn’t too thrilled with another candidate’s signs is none other than President Donald Trump’s campaign. And the candidate’s signs they aren’t real thrilled with: Todd Rokita.

As you can see, the Rokita campaign is prominently displaying the fact that they are endorsed by Trump/Pence. Except, that’s not actually the case.

You see, Rokita was actually endorsed by the Trump campaign’s Indiana leaders. That distinction is emblazoned underneath the much bigger Trump/Pence.  But hey, who really cares, right? Well, apparently the Trump campaign.

The Trump campaign has ordered those signs be taken down, stating that it gives the false impression that Rokita has the support of the president in this contentious, increasingly negative race.

The Rokita campaign’s response to demand?

“We don’t comment on yard sign strategy.”  Huh? Really?

It’s actually fairly embarrassing, especially for a campaign and a candidate that spouts “pro-Trump” ad nauseam.

Revolving door within Trump administration continues; McMaster out, Bolton in

Staff turnover within the Trump administration continues as H.R. McMaster is being replaced with John Bolton as national security adviser.

The mustached-one, Bolton, a Fox News commentator, previously served in the W. administration as ambassador to the United Nations. He’ll take over the post from McMaster, who is set to resign.

Bolton will be Trump’s third national security adviser. McMaster accepted the position after it was discovered that Trump’s first national security advisor had lied to Vice President Pence about his discussions with the Russians.

Whatever your feelings about Bolton’s hawkish positions towards antagonistic countries, the amount of turnover in this administration is pretty astounding.

There’s already been two chiefs of staff, will be two secretary of states, two heads of the CIA and soon-to-be three different national security advisers.

At this point, Pence must be constantly checking Trump’s personal Twitter feed in order to learn if he still he has a job.

While Trump may have been on The Apprentice, his administration looks more like Survivor. Who will be the next voted off?



‘Conservative’ Trump proposes skipping due process, grabbing guns

In case you didn’t know, Donald J. Trump is not a conservative. Yes, he may have an “R” by his name, but the man is not a conservative.

Don’t believe me? Still insist that the man currently occupying the Oval Office is a conservative? Ok, but just take some time and take a gander at the little clip below.

Still think the man who “wants to take the guns first” and “skip due process and take the the guns,” is a conservative?

In what world, besides that of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Kimberly Guilfoyle and anyone else entirely sold out to Trump, is gun grabbing a conservative position? The truth is, it simply is not.

What Trump is proposing in this clip is gun grabbing. Gun grabbing is the very thing so many Trump supporters said and feared Hillary would do if she became president. It’s the very thing so many Trump supporters told us that Obama wanted to do.

Now, what Pence was articulating before Trump jumped in and decided to say one of the most asinine things ever, was the conservative position. You know, adhering to the law, working with law enforcement and the courts and not going around the law, doing whatever pleases President Trump.

“But, but…Trump was our only choice. He was so much better than Hillary.” Well, not so much, remember there was Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Kasich, Christie, Huckabee, Carson, Paul, Walker, Sanctorum, Fiorina, Jindal and Graham.

Also, something else to remember that was said over and over by many a Trump supporter: “Hillary was “gunna take ‘er guns!”  Now, President Trump has actually verbalized taking guns…without even duue process.

Not a conservative, not by a long shot.

– BZ


David Schwimmer Follows the Mike Pence Philosophy and the Media LOVES It

More hypocrisy from the left. Remember when liberals lost their minds over Vice President Mike Pence’s wise practice of not dining alone with another women who isn’t his wife? The VP was called sexist; feminists were concerned that this patriarchal practice meant Pence didn’t view women as equals; others assumed if he couldn’t be trusted to be alone with women, he must have a cheating problem.

In the midst of the Harvey Weinstien scandal, reporter Nell Minow decided to reveal an interaction she had with former Friends star, David Schwimmer. According to Poynter, Minow was interviewing Schwimmer for an upcoming article about a movie he was working on when the area where the interview was being conducted became too noisy to hear. Schwimmer suggested they go up to his hotel room but realized it might be uncomfortable for her and said he could bring a third person along to be present in the room.

Minow is quoted as saying:

“I haven’t thought of that since it happened but the Weinstein stories made me not just remember it but remember it in an entirely different context as an indicator of the prevalence of predatory behaviour and as an indicator of Schwimmer’s integrity and sensitivity.

This wasn’t just about his being a good guy who would not have tried anything.

He understood what it is like to have to be constantly on the alert and he wanted to make sure I understood I was safe.”

She also says she declined the offer but appreciated his integrity.

So why is it that when Mike Pence does the same thing, he’s considered sexist? Why is there such an obvious double standard when it comes to Hollywood and people of faith?

What Schwimmer did was definitely respectable, especially in such a toxic Hollywood environment, and it’s a shame that the same media who is praising him now can’t see past their political bias to commend our Vice President for his honorable morals as well.



Triggered students walk out during Notre Dame graduation

Once again, the left’s tolerance was on full display Sunday. Students decided to walk out during the graduation ceremony at the University of Notre Dame.

Why did these students head for the doors? What could have been so offensive that caused them to seek shelter? The reason? Vice President Mike Pence was the commencement speaker.

Seriously, that’s it.

But he must have said something just so filthy, degrading, revolting, so politically incorrect that it would’ve warranted such an action, right?

Well, you can’t ask those who walked out because they won’t have any idea. They walked out before the former Indiana governor even started speaking.

But this makes absolutely no sense. Isn’t the left always preaching touchy-feely high-minded platitudes like acceptance, diversity and their favorite buzz word, tolerance?

It’s another case of do as I say, not as I do. Hypocrisy of the highest level.

Seriously, why listen to a different point of view, new ideas that you may not agree with when it’s much easier to just turn and walk out?

Those students have every right to walk out, they do. All 150 or so of those petulant little children can have every right to look like absolute morons.

Somehow, I don’t think that kind of close-mindedness and “tolerance” will fly in the real world.

Go get ’em, scholars!

– BZ

Colleges and universities: places of tolerance and diversity of ideas?

Attending college is an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. It allows for the chance to experience different ideas, concepts and beliefs, marinate on them and then either accept or reject them based on their merits and viability. Groupthink is totally and completely unacceptable and no idea or person is silenced simply because of a simple disagreement. A college campus is a place for the free exchange of ideas, where disagreement is allowed and even encouraged.

Well, not so much. Just look at some of the open-mindedness coming from some of our country’s colleges and universities.

Conservative speakers and writers, Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos, were recently kept from speaking at UC-Berkeley. In the case of Yiannopoulos, his presence on campus was so triggering that it led to actual riots.

Another recent instance in which the open-mindedness of today’s colleges and universities was on full display was during Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ commencement address at the Bethune-Cookman.

Disagree with her all you want. Think her ideas are wrong? Fine. Think she’s unqualified for her position? Great. But, apparently, it’s too much to ask 22 and 23-year-olds to actually listen to what the woman has to say. No, instead the scholars audibly booed her and even stood up and turned their back to her. Let me give you a little word of advice, if you’re actually attempting to drown out someone speaking and physically turning your back on them, you’re not really being the tolerant, opened-minded individual you profess to be.

Yet, another example of the diversity of opinion allowed on college campuses, is the planned silent walkout during Vice President Pence’s commencement address at the University of Notre Dame.  Again, disagree with the man, fine. But to be unable to sit and listen to a speaker says a whole lot more about your mental inflexibility and fear of new ideas than the speaker.

Even worse, the Indiana Democratic Party is apparently 100 percent supportive of this childish response.

This is coming from the party that purports to be the party of tolerance and diversity of ideas. This may be why they only hold one statewide office and are in grave danger of losing that one.

And here’s another example of the open-mindedness on college, this one from Butler University. The school is offering a class called “Trumpism and U.S. Democracy,” which initially described the president as spreading ““sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism and imperialism.” Also, in the course students will apparently learn how to fight against the President Trump and his racism, sexism and utter depravity.

If colleges and universities want to push a left-wing agenda, they should be able to do so. At least it’s honest. The problem arises when they want to appear to play it down the middle, when they so clearly are not. Don’t talk about the diversity of ideas or the welcoming of friendly disagreement when it doesn’t exist.

The only people who get hurt in this scenario are the students, who are used to safe spaces and ideas that don’t force them to confront their own biases, their own preexisting notions.

But then again, why should college be the place to hear new ideas, right?