My Pillow’s Mike Lindell unwelcome at GOP event

Mike Lindell seems to have fallen out of favor with GOP leaders. The CEO of My Pillow, who has been sued by Dominion over false accusations that it had rigged the 2020 election for President […]

OAN runs massive disclaimer before MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s election documentary

OAN is straight garbage. It’s nothing more than a propaganda outlet for members of the Trump cult. They are trying to do nothing more than outFox Fox News but with terrible hosts and much worse, […]

Anderson Cooper, ‘My Pillow’ creator Mike Lindell get into heated argument: ‘You’re a snake oil salesman’

The coronavirus continues to surge across the country. The United States has had than 5.4 million cases with more than 170,000 people dead as a result of the virus. With numbers like that, the race […]