‘The Office’ could be leaving Netflix

I love “The Office,” you love “The Office,” frankly everybody loves “The Office.” Believe me, I know I’ve taken a poll.  That’s what she said. Yes, it appears that Michael, Jim, Dwight and the rest […]


VIDEO: ‘The Office’s’ Michael Scott is every Dem running for president

“The Office” is easily one of the best shows of all time. It’s a show that only gets better with more and more viewings. The Dunder Mifflin staff is the stuff of legends.  Dwight, Jim, […]

Man uses scene from ‘The Office’ to save woman’s life

“The Office” is an outstanding television program. There are so many classic scenes and lines, most of them uttered by the socially-inept and incompetent but lovable boss Michael Scott. One such scene from “The Office” […]

Liberal comedian Ricky Gervais starting to understand Left’s contempt for free speech

Comedy is a terrific tool. Of course it’s an opportunity to laugh and unwind, but more importantly is that it’s a chance for society to look at hot button issues and topics, go in uncomfortable […]