Michael Moore: ‘White people haven’t changed,’ should be afraid of white men

Democrats love bringing up the race, especially around election time. They constantly use race to scare, divide people and rally their base. Does racism still exist, are there racists today? Yes, of course there are […]

Michael Moore: Michelle Obama would ‘crush’ Donald Trump in 2020

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is still flabbergasted over Donald Trump’s 2016 win. In his mind,  he simply can’t fathom how people upset with the status quo selected Trump over Hillary Clinton. Now, while Moore and […]

Michael Moore on MSNBC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the leader of the Democratic Party

Michael Moore is a documentary filmmaker who has made millions of dollars while criticizing capitalism, Republicans and the rich. Last year, Moore released “11/9,”  his most recent film, which examines the current all of the […]

Michael Moore’s latest flick bombs; he apparently doesn’t understand this

Audiences apparently weren’t feeling Michael Moore’s latest flick, “11/9.” The Democratic socialist’s film, with a title referring to the day after Trump’s election, takes a look at the current state of America. According to the […]