Report: Trump called televangelists ‘hustlers’

Evangelicals and tv preachers have been pretty loyal to the president ever since his first run for office. But in a new report from The Atlantic, it would appear the President is not too fond […]

Former Trump lawyer, fixer Michael Cohen: Trump is a cult leader

We’re about eight weeks out until the 2020 election. Things are about to get dirty, even more so than they already are, if you can believe that. Candidates will accuse one another of lying, deceiving, […]

Maxine Waters, in Twitter tirade, calls for impeachment….again

Maxine Waters has been in Congress for decades but has little to show for her efforts. While her congressional record is lacking of any real discernible accomplishments, she is known for continually harping on and […]

VIDEO: Things got heated between Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams on ‘The Five’

One of Fox News’ most popular program is “The Five,” an hour-long program where some of the network’s most popular personalities provide commentary on the day’s biggest stories. Normally, the show consists of former “Red […]