Sen. McSally to CNN reporter: ‘You’re a liberal hack, I’m not talking to you’

It appears that incessantly pushingTrump-Russian collusion, openly cheering that President Trump was a Russian asset and slandering a group high students as racists may not be earn you a lot of respect. Of course, I’m […]


ABC’s chief political analyst has awful take on Bernie, Warren fight

According to reporting from CNN, Bernie Sanders supposedly told Elizabeth Warren that a woman’s can’t be win the presidency. Of course, Bernie Sanders and his campaign came out and denied that it ever happened. Tulsi […]

CNN’s Dana Bash: Impeachment isn’t something Nancy Pelosi wanted to do

The Democrats in the House will impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday. Since Trump took office they have essentially been trying to remove Trump from office. The Democrats and the media were absolutely convinced that the […]