Hirono asks Amy Barrett if she’s ever committed sexual assault

This week Amy Coney Barrett is going before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee is made up of a select number of Republicans and Democrats, who will eventually vote on her nomination before sending it […]

Hirono says adding more justices to Supreme Court is ‘long overdue court reform’

If you’re a liberal and it suddenly appears that the Supreme Court of the United States may soon be headed in a conservative direction? Well, you pack the court with more justices, of course. That’s […]

Sen. Mazie Hirono: Trump ‘can’t handle strong women,’ is ‘xenophobic’

If liberal outlets want someone to give a soundbite, calling President Trump this and accusing him of that, they don’t have to look very hard. Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono has fulfilled that role for MSNBC […]