Maxine Waters says protesters should get ‘confrontational’ if Chauvin trial verdict is not guilty

Rep. Maxine Waters is facing criticism from the GOP and a trial judge in the Derek Chauvin case after comments she made over the weekend. Waters, while speaking to a crowd in Minneapolis on Saturday, […]

Maxine Waters: Trump should be ‘imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement’

Crazy Maxine Waters is coming for President Donald Trump. The California Democrat has droned on and on about the need to impeach Trump since the day he took office. After nearly three years in office […]

Maxine Waters asks social media for nicknames for Trump, it doesn’t go as planned

Maxine Waters has been in Congress and from what I can tell she really has achieved much besides the fact that she’s been able to get re-elected. Despite all of her achievements or, really lack […]