Dem Seth Moulton compares using federal tax dollars for abortion to funding the military

The Democrats love themselves some abortion. Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder if the party would still exist if not for their shared love of dismembering the unborn in the womb. The 23 or however many […]


REPORT: Ocasio-Cortez to endorse Elizabeth Warren in presidential primary

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is about to come to a screeching halt. That’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears set to endorse the Massachusetts Democrat in the presidential primary. If and when Ocasio-Cortez does give her support to […]

‘The View’ hosts slam Elizabeth Warren’s decision to avoid Fox News

The ladies on “The View” can normally be counted on to take the liberal position on nearly every topic and issue, except for Meghan McCain. Their backing and defending of Democrats, especially female candidates, is […]

Another Democrat launches presidential bid

Yet another Democrat has gotten into the race for the White House. Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton announced that he is also running for the Oval Office Monday morning. BREAKING: Rep. Seth Moulton launches 2020 presidential […]