Backlash against Carrie Underwood after singer likes conservative writer Matt Walsh’s anti-mask tweet

Country singer Carrie Underwood irked fans after they discovered the former American Idol winner liked Matt Walsh’s anti-mask video he posted on Twitter. “The Daily Wire” commentator and writer spoke at the Nashville School Board […]

Tucker Carlson compares children wearing masks to child abuse

The coronavirus is still a thing. Yes, the vaccine is out and people are getting vaccinated but the virus is still around and active. Wearing face masks have been a suggested preventative measure against the […]

Tampa mayor says police will identify and ‘handle’ maskless Super Bowl attendees

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers steamrolled the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday night in the Super Bowl 31-9. As great as Patrick Mahomes has been in his short career, he wasn’t able to get […]