Soledad O’Brien calls Marco Rubio ‘coward’ after weekend shootings

Well, right on cue, liberals are calling for more gun control and blaming the acts of two cowards on President Donald Trump. This weekend, our country saw two mass shootings in which people lost their […]


Sen. Marco Rubio responds to House resolution condemning Trump twitter statements

President Donald Trump’s tweets continue to dominate the news cycle. He’s currently dealing with a self-made controversy in which he called on the “progressive Democrat Congresswomen” to go back to their country and fix it […]

CNN’s Ana Navaro says we should send Melania Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz back to where they came from

Ana Navaro claims to be a conservative commentator on CNN. That’s pretty laughable, especially with the crazy things she’s said since President Trump got elected. Now, one does not HAVE to agree with the President […]