What? Sen. Tommy Tuberville wants Biden inauguration delayed until ‘virus behind us’

The game of football involves skill, strategy, preparation and yes, brute force. While intelligence and planning are necessary elements in order to win on the gridiron, other times it’s simply a matter of just being […]

U.S. Capitol rioter admits to vandalism, destruction of property, theft

“But our protests are peaceful.” That’s what President Trump, MAGA cultists and a majority of those in conservative media have said as they’ve supported and gave pass to every lie and conspiracy theory uttered by […]

MAGA cult member: Trump isn’t going anywhere, ‘more than prepared to do everything’

President Trump and his followers absolutely the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. At least that’s what they’ve been telling us ad nauseam for years. It’s the Democrats that are always looking to subvert […]