Rep. Justin Amash strongly considering leaving GOP to run against Trump as a Libertarian

There was some speculation earlier this year that Michigan Rep. Justin Amash may run against President Trump as a Libertarian and the buzz is growing louder that he will indeed make that move. According to […]


Republican Braun leads Donnelly in race for US Senate, according to latest poll

Election Day is now just two weeks away. Just two more weeks of terrible political ads all over your TV. Only 14 more days of crappy campaign literature crowding up your mailbox. It’s almost there, […]

Rand Paul endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for Senate in New Mexico

Former two-time Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who recently announced a bid for Senate in New Mexico, just picked up a pretty big and frankly, unexpected endorsement: Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. The libertarian-leaning Paul […]