‘The View’ host Sunny Hostin refers to Black conservatives as ‘props’

The Black community overwhelmingly votes Democratic and it will be the same again in 2020. Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee due in large to his strong support in the Black community. But no matter […]

David Hogg posts poll question; it doesn’t go well

Social media sites can and usually are tough and cruel places normally filled with unbridled, hate-filled opinions, psychotic rantings and unhinged musings in support of the latest far-right conspiracy theory. Oh, and also pictures and […]

Cenk Uygur: I instantly lose respect for people voting for Trump

Politics can be and is a divisive topic, especially around an election. It’s a subject that immediately causes emotions to bubble up, tempers to flair and can even lead to arguments. Sadly, though, it can […]

Minneapolis to dismantle police, City Council president can’t answer simple question about move

The city of Minneapolis is in a bad spot right now. One of their police officers murdered a black man as it was captured on video. If that wasn’t bad enough, three other officers stood […]