Issa Rae, star of ‘Insecure,’ threatens to cancel show if FLOTUS liked it, but doesn’t follow through

Liberals love to hear themselves talk…and talk and talk.  Another thing they love to do: make empty threats. For example, if any of them did really follow on the things they said, most of Hollywood […]


Liberal threatens conservative commentator Dana Loesch’s children; Twitter does absolutely nothing

Disagreeing with one another, seeing things differently and expressing those views in a positive, healthy manner is what our country was founded upon. But when threats of physical violence against the children of ones political […]

PA Planned Parenthood: Disney should use characters to promote leftist causes

The indoctrination must begin sooner rather than later! If it was up to one Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood group, Disney and its cute, iconic characters would become much more political. In addition, they would also kill […]