Ocasio-Cortez starts petition to repeal Hyde Amendment

Abortion is healthcare, according to liberals. Unfortunately, those aborted children weren’t able to give an opinion on topic. Those on the left will do any and everything to continue killing the unborn, including using federal […]


Bill Maher: Hillary was a terrible candidate, committed obstruction and political correctness is cancer

Democrats and Republicans. You either support President Trump or you’re either a dirty liberal, Never Trumper, snowflake. On the other hand, you’re either for impeachment, believe Trump obstructed justice and probably colluded with the Russians […]

Youtube demonetizes conservative commentator Steven Crowder’s channel

The mob is angry once again and conservative commentator Steven Crowder is their latest victim. On Wednesday, Youtube announced that they were demonetizing Crowder’s page. Update on our continued review–we have suspended this channel’s monetization. […]