Author on MSNBC: Nixon could’ve survived Watergate if Fox News was around

MSNBC does not like Fox News or conservatives, for that matter. But on the other hand, I don’t think a lot of those on Fox News are huge fans of MSNBC. They are diametrically opposed […]


‘The American Independent’ reporter shows once again why people aren’t fans of the media

In 2016, the mainstream media and well, nearly everyone else had the presidential election entirely wrong. Hillary Clinton is going to be president. She’s going to win in an historic landslide. Get ready to start […]

Warren proposes $1 trillion for environmental justice, wants a ‘Blue New Deal’

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is in serious, serious trouble. She came in third in Iowa and fourth in New Hampshire, which neighbors the state she represents in the U.S. Senate, Massachusetts. Following her disappointing finish in […]