PETA: ‘Traditional’ masculinity is dead, encourages people to go vegan in absurdly idiotic video

Some people and groups live for controversy. They thrive on it. Why?  It brings them attention, bad or good and apparently, similar to press, any kind is worthwhile. One group that has made its living […]


Disagree with comedian, leftist Kathy Griffin? Well, then you’re a ‘transphobic jerk’

Disagree with someone on the left? Have an actual, true disagreement with a leftist about a policy or issue and it is in absolutely no way personal? Well, get ready because in today’s hyper polarized […]

Wow! Pelosi: ‘If there’s some collateral damage for those who don’t share our view, well so be it’

Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. But for whatever reason, those of the left still cannot accept that fact. And frankly, they haven’t exactly handled well. Just within the last couple […]