Huh? Journalist wants to ban clapping

Clapping is now considered offensive and hurtful by some. You might think I’m making this up but sadly, I am not. On Good Morning Britain, Ellen Scott, a journalist and writer, actually advocated for clapping […]


Williamson: ‘I understand why the people on the right called them godless’

Marianne Williamson wants to defeat our enemies by shooting them with big colorful buckets of love, kindness and flowers. Not really, but admit it, it sounds like something she’d say. Anyway, the self-help author and […]

Trump blasts Lawrence O’Donnell over erroneous Trump, Russia loan story

MSNBC is an entire network filled with commentators, anchors and even some reporters that dislike Trump and his administration. Apparently, that hate is so strong with some people over at MSNBC that they are willing […]