Virginia first lady accused of giving black students cotton during tours

What in the world is going on in Virginia? First, their governor, Ralph Northam, endorses infanticide. Then a racist photo is uncovered in his medical school yearbook for which he first apologizes but soon after […]

2nd woman comes forward accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax of sexual assault

It’s been quite the week or so for the state of Virginia.  But unfortunately for the people of the state, things seem only to be getting worse. A second woman has now come forward, accusing […]

Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s accuser releases statement, graphically details encounter

Things in the state of Virginia are absolutely insane. The state’s governor, Ralph Northam, is under heavy pressure to step down following the discovery of a racist photo in his college yearbook. The media, Democratic […]

Virginia Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax defends himself against sexual assault allegations

Do not be an elected official in Virginia. If we’ve learned anything from the last couple of days, that has to be it. First, it was a Virginia Democrat Del. Kathy Tran who introduced a […]