Dems, media say Trump ‘inciting violence’ against Rep. Ilhan Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was caught on camera referring to 9/11 as “some people did something,” is now the victim, according to the Democrats and the media. Of course, downplaying a horrific terrorist attack […]


Stacey Abrams: Heartbeat bill is ‘abominable and evil’

The state of Georgia is working to protect the unborn. Democrats on the other hand, well they aren’t so much into protecting those unable to protect themselves. Democrats and Hollywood have a real problem with […]

Democrats, media lying about and circulating deceptively edited clip of Trump

Most of the media is not a fan of President Trump and Republicans, in general. That statement is not a big surprise but over the weekend the media was spreading a deceptively edited and old […]

MSNBC’S Joy Reid on Mueller Report: ‘This feels like the seeds of a cover up’

Those on the left are losing their minds after news came out that Mueller will not be issuing any new indictments, meaning that President Donald Trump apparently will not be indicted. For the last two […]