CNN’s Jim Acosta gets ‘inside scoop’ on Trump tweet, gets blasted on social media

You gotta love the media. They give us the items of importance such as 9/11, election results and incessant updates about the latest celebrity to pass away. But all of that pales in comparison to […]


CNN’s reporter Jim Acosta plays commentator again, says ‘Dems don’t hate Jews’

CNN really needs to just give Jim Acosta what he really wants: his own primetime TV show where he gets to spout his opinion. He could call it “Tonight with Jim Acosta talking about what […]

CNN’s Jim Acosta writing book about Trump’s battle with the media

Donald Trump is not a big fan of the media. He’s basically singlehandedly brought the term “fake news” into existence, calling out reporters and in some instances, entire news organizations. Likewise, the media generally doesn’t […]