What? Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis calls out Biden for undermining ‘the rule of law by stealing an election’

Law degrees must be handed out like candy today. You get a law degree! You get a law degree! We all get law degrees! Seriously, how else can you possibly explain the people who make […]

OK? Jenna Ellis, member of Trump campaign legal team, says others ‘have no credibility’

President Donald Trump will be leaving the White House in a matter of weeks. Following Monday’s Electoral College vote, Democrat Joe Biden will become our nation’s next president. This comes despite President Trump refusing to […]

Expected: Trump lawyer called out for flimsy, failing case, resorts to name calling

President Trump and his campaign’s attempt to overturn the election due to “widespread voter fraud” is going absolutely nowhere. Their lawsuits have been thrown out of court as they ruin their reputations and destroy their […]

Trump campaign adviser Jenna Ellis called out by Marge Simpson

Last week, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden selected California Senator Kamala Harris. As expected, Republicans and Trump supporters threw out the usual attacks as they called her super liberal, questioned her race and […]