DOJ report concludes Comey violated FBI policies

A report is out from the Department of Justice and it slams former F.B.I. Director James Comey. In the report, it concludes that Comey violated “department and F.B.I policies” and says he mishandled memos that […]


James Comey: US Attorney General William Barr acting ‘less than honorably’

CNN’s ratings are in the tank. Seriously, they are terrible across the board, consistently coming in dead last. But for some reason, the executives at the 24-hour news network felt compelled to get a stranglehold […]

Huh? James Comey says he never thought of electronic surveillance as spying

Former FBI director James Comey is still out and about commenting on current events, for some reason. This time, the guy who has amazingly united both the right and left in their dislike of him, […]