Jennifer Aniston encourages fans to ‘wear a damn mask’

If you’re planning to enter an establishment the requires the wearing of a face mask, you ought to abide by their rules. Or if you live in one of the several states where the number […]


Actresses Natalie Portman, Brie Larson call for defunding of the police

Currently, there is a movement, following the murder of George Floyd, of people calling for the defunding and even abolishment of the police. Instead of fully funding police departments, people would rather have that money […]

Dennis Rodman on rioting, looting: ‘We’re not f**king animals, we’re human beings’

Rioting, looting and the destruction of private property continues all in the name of “protest.” Of course, we all know that’s not protesting at all but instead simply just a bunch of people using the […]

Actor Chris Pratt posts heartfelt ‘thank you’ to his brother, all veterans

Hollywood isn’t a place for going against the grain, as much the directors and actors who inhabit that town would like us to believe. It’s very much a “follow-the-crowd” and “groupthink” place, where the latest […]