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Braun campaign labels Messer, Rokita ‘Swamp brothers’ in latest ad

The May primary is less than three weeks away. And the biggest race to be decided on May 8 has become noticeably more negative as of late.

Exhibit A:  WISH-TV’s Republican debate.

Last Sunday, April 15, Mike Braun, Luke Messer and Todd Rokita took the stage in the race’s second debate.  All three candidates took nearly every question as an invitation to impugn their opponent’s record, integrity and loyalty to President Trump.

I’m not sure what we really learned from that debate, but the attacks were flying fast and furious.

In addition to using their well-honed and rehearsed attacks on one another on the debate stage, they are also becoming frequent in the television ads

Exhibit B: Braun campaign’s latest ad

In the ad, in which the Braun campaign labels both Rokita and Messer and the “swamp brothers,” they are tied to Obama, Planned Parenthood and amnesty.  You know, all things that aren’t likely to get candidates running in a Republican many votes.

Finally, for the big finish Rokita is called a “fraud” and Messer is called “liberal.”

Will the ad work? Who knows, but the Braun campaign continues to churn out the most visually and conceptually creative ads of the three campaigns, by far.


Braun, Messer and Rokita set for 2nd debate: What to watch for

Businessman and former State Rep. Mike Braun and congressmen Luke Messer and Todd Rokita – candidates running for Indiana US Senate – are set for their second debate.  The three men are battling to become the person to take on Democrat Joe Donnelly in the fall.

In their first debate in nearly two months, the candidates will take the stage Sunday, 7 p.m. at the WISH-TV studio in Indianapolis.

Moderating Sunday night’s debate will be WISH-TV anchor Brooke Martin, WISH-TV reporter David Williams and WEHT anchor Brad Byrd.

However, before the candidates take the stage in only their second debate of the entire campaign, there are some things to watch out for and which could have a big impact on the race:

  • Syria: On Friday evening, President Donald Trump announced the “strategic and precision” bombing of locations in Syria in response to the Syrian chemical attacks. In a campaign that has been marked with the continually repeated phrase “pro-Trump,” how will the candidates react? Would they have done anything differently than the president? Would they have done it alone, without France or Britain?  Would they have done it earlier? Should America even be getting involved in Syria?
  • Negative attacks: This campaign has grown increasingly negative, primarily due to the Rokita campaign. The Rokita campaign has repeatedly called Messer a “never-Trumper,” saying he colluded to take the nomination away from Donald Trump, while providing little evidence.  Braun has called both Messer and Rokita career politicians having accomplished little. Will these attacks continue and will the candidates finally be called on to answer his claims?
  • Pro-Trump: Donald Trump has played a huge role in this race. All three candidates have uttered the phrase “pro-Trump” a ridiculously absurd amount of times, in TV ads, radio ads, speeches and campaign emails. In a campaign that has been noticeably empty of original ideas, saying “pro-Trump” seems to act as a cover for this fact of lack of ideas. Will the candidates put forth original ideas Sunday night? Also, will they explain at point, if any, do they or would they, differ from the president?

Indiana’s primary election day is less than a month away and Sunday night’s debate should serve as an excellent opporuntity to hear directly from the candidates.

‘Pro-Trump’ Rokita called then-candidate Trump ‘vulgar, profane’ in 2016


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Throughout the Indiana Republican race for U.S. Senate, there has been one overriding, dominant issue: Donald Trump.

All three candidates have gone out of their way saying how “pro-Trump” they are; stating it in interviews, in their lone debate up until this point, on TV and radio ads. Basically, wherever Mike Braun, Luke Messer or Todd Rokita appears, you can bet that the phrase “pro-Trump” will be coming out of their mouth early and often.

However, the one candidate who has essentially made cozying up to President Trump the focal point of his campaign has been Congressman Todd Rokita. He’s gone so far as prominently wearing a MAGA hat in two campaign ads, including his most recent one.

In the most recent ad, Rokita accuses Congressman Luke Messer of “plotting with the Never Trumpers to steal the nomination from President Trump. Wow.”

Needless to say, Rokita wants you to believe he was all Trump from the very beginning, never wavering for a second on his support for then-candidate Trump. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, Rokita referred to Trump as “vulgar, if not profane.” Instead, he was all in on Marco Rubio because, according to Rokita, “he’s the standard bearer for the mainstream Republican Party.” In an interview with Fox 59 in February 2016, Rokita is referred to as “one of the first in the Indiana delegation to back Marco Rubio.”

But…but I thought Rokita was always and forever Mr. Trump’s right hand man? Why would he change? Why would he tell us one thing and the fact be another? Political expediency, maybe? Easiest way to get elected?

Here’s why Rokita is now all about President Trump: Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 percent in the Hoosier state.  And in a red state like Indiana, President Trump is still extremely popular. So why not, if you have no original ideas, use President Trump’s popularity to get elected?

This display of utter hypocrisy from Rokita is exactly why people don’t like politicians. Say one thing and do another. Accuse someone of something that you yourself did.

Maybe Rokita should wear two MAGA hats in his next ad to show how “pro-Trump” he really is!  Well, at least now….you know because it could help him get elected.




Indiana US Senate race gets another candidate and….a truly awful slogan

As has long been suspected, 4th District Congressman Todd Rokita has announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Rokita made it official Wednesday morning at the Indiana Statehouse.

Rokita, will be aiming to replace Indiana’s current senator, Democrat Joe Donnelly. However, prior to squaring off against Donnelly, Rokita will have to defeat his other fellow declared Republican candidates, most notably 6th District Congressman Luke Messer. In all likelihood Indiana’s next senator will be whomever survives between Messer and Rokita.

Look we get it, the campaigns of Messer and Rokita will exchange harsh words and both will run negative ads against one another, while claiming “it’s not negative, it’s highlighting his weak record.” Nevertheless, one will win and despite the overwhelming negative, likely petty nature of the forthcoming campaign and everything that’ll be said, the other will come out and endorse the other.  That winner will then go on to defeat Democrat Donnelly because…well, this is Indiana.

Sharp words, negative ads and highlighting weaknesses in your opponent’s record are all part of the game, it’s politics.

Another important aspect of politics/running for office is defining oneself, one’s campaign. This type of political branding is most noticeable in a candidate’s and a campaign’s slogan. Whether it’s Hope, Change, I’m with Her or Make America Great Again, the slogan gives supporters and potential supporters an idea about what the candidate and the campaign is all about.

In the case of Rokita’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, his campaign’s slogan is the absurdly ridiculous “Defeat the Elite.”

First of all, what exactly does that even mean? Is his campaign trying to say he’s a political outsider who is going to take on the entrenched politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C.?  If so, might I remind them he’s a congressman and has been….since 2010. Before Congress, he served as Indiana’s secretary of state for eight years. Outsider, he is not.

It could also mean and, I hope this isn’t the case, that why be superior when you can be average? That isn’t to say that Donnelly is the greatest statesman that’s ever lived, he’s not. But why have a slogan that essentially translates to “shoot for the middle?”

For the record I’m not backing anyone at this point. I’m merely an objective observer. I’m not partial to any of the declared Republican candidates in the race for senate. It’s entirely way too early. There’s way too many articles to read that haven’t yet been written, too many ads to view that haven’t yet been produced and way too many speeches to listen to that haven’t been given yet. However, as the old saying goes, first impressions are important and monumentally influential at cementing likes, dislikes and beliefs. That’s especially true of a political campaign.

And “defeat the elite?” Really? Sure, it rhymes, but c’mon, that’s the best you could come up with? Just leave it blank if you don’t know the answer.

Sen. Donnelly: Time to update that resume

There are few things that get people angrier than lying or being a hypocrite. Seriously, is there anything more maddening then Al “I’m a bore” Gore lecturing about climate change and how we must change our habits immediately or suffer a fiery death as he jets around the world in a private plane? Or what about a Hollywood actor informing the masses of their rampant closed-mindedness while they refer to anyone with a differing opinion as a bigot?

However, make that liar or hypocrite a politician, as not-President Gore, and blood pressures will rise, four-letter words are sure to fly and that government official is likely to be voted out of office.

Right or wrong, lawyers and politicians are already perceived by most of the population to be sneaky, underhanded, looking to enrich themselves while not working in the best interests of their client or voters. Whenever anyone in those aforementioned professions is caught acting in a manner that plays into most peoples’ perception it’s unlikely that person ever shakes being branded a liar, hypocrite or both.

Well, after this week Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly might want to consider updating that resume.

That’s because according to an AP article, Indiana’s senior senator was found to be profiting from outsourcing. The article states Stewart Superior, a family-owned business run by Donnelly’s brother, has been shipping labor to Mexico for $3 an hour. The article goes on to say Donnelly made between $15,001-$50,000 from the company stock dividends in 2016 alone.

This all becomes a major problem for the senator because he had an issue when Carrier Corp., an Indianapolis-based company, announced the decision to shutdown an Indy factory and move the jobs to Mexico. In fact, Donnelly called the move nothing more than going after cheap labor in Mexico.

When another company, Rexnord, announced they were planning to shutdown their Indy facility and move to Mexico, Donnelly was again up in arms about the loss of jobs. He said “when corporations make decisions like this, Hoosier families and our communities pay the price.”

Yes, they do senator. Yes, they do.

But never fear, after the AP story came out detailing Donnelly’s hypocrisy, he says he will now be selling his stock in Stewart Superior. Donnelly said the move was done to keep his hypocrisy from becoming “a distraction from our work to end outsourcing and keep American jobs here instead of shipping them to other countries.”


But shouldn’t one get their own house in order before calling out others?  Just a thought though.

This comes at an especially bad time for Donnelly, who is up for re-election in 2018…in historically red Indiana.

His was already going to be a seat the Republicans were going to fervently attempt to retake next year, but with this week’s bombshell report, that target has grown considerably.

Jobs and the economy are issues that always come up during an election. Hoosiers aren’t likely to forget about Donnelly’s hypocrisy and profiting from outsourcing work to Mexico.

– BZ









Another day, another march

Ever since Donald Trump became president, the left has become obsessed with exercise. However, their choice workout is without question, walking. More specifically, marching. They continually ignore their upper body, and instead choose to exert physical stamina marching here, there and everywhere. Their arms, chest and most importantly, brain are completely ignored.

But seriously, the women have marched, the “scientists” have marched, those concerned about global warning and the geniuses worried about worker and immigrant rights have marched. These boots were made for marchin’ and they are gonna march all over you, until you completely agree with me and give me what I want!

Now, unlike conservative speakers on state-funded college campuses, liberals have every right to exercise their First Amendment rights. They can yell, stomp, shout and carry all the signs they want to their hearts’ content. That’s America. We may not like or agree with what they say, but stifling free speech anywhere is a danger to free speech everywhere.

But, they should probably better organize these things, and pace them out, they’re going to wear themselves out. Seriously, was it necessary to have both a march for science and a march for the climate? Also, Sunday there was a march for the climate and then the very next day, there was a march for “workers’ and immigrants’ rights.” Never mind, the march intended to secure workers’ rights was held on…. a Monday afternoon, when most people are at work. Is irony lost on these people?

Well, I for one just can’t wait for the next one. Oh, what will it be? The march to save the Pandas? The march for vegan, overweight, transexuals and their right to scratch themselves like a cat? The march to change the smurfs from blue to fuchsia? The possibilities are literally endless.

Pace yourselves liberals, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Indiana Republicans: The party of small gov’t?

Republicans are the party of small, hands-off government or so we’re told. They talk ad nauseam about small business and removing all the unnecessary and burdensome government regulations so those businesses are free to do what they do best, run their business.

And in Indiana, one of the reddest states in the country, one would think this would be the case. In Indiana, the House, the Senate and the Governor’s Office are all controlled by the GOP. So, given this fact, the likely conclusion would be that small businesses would have almost free reign to run their establishment as they see fit. Whether it’s the hours of operation or what product the business is going to sell, who better to make those type of decisions than the business itself, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Ricker’s gas station took advantage of a loophole in the law that allowed them to apply for and then receive a permit to sell cold beer. They simply opened restaurants at two of their locations, following the law as written.

However, Republican lawmakers in both Indiana’s House and the Senate knew better than the business. The House passed a bill 84-13 (which is made up of 70 Republicans) and the Senate passed a bill 43-1 (which is composed of 41 Republicans) to close the loophole.

The gas station is allowed to keep its license through the next April. However, after that point the gas station will have to make 60 percent of its profit from the selling of food in order to keep its license.

Let us not forget that in Indiana, you cannot buy alcohol on Sundays, period. Go in a Wal-Mart on Sunday and you’ll literally see the alcohol aisle roped off.  But grab lunch at a favorite restaurant and want a beer? No problem, which makes total sense.

Now, the bill is headed to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk.

Lawmakers telling a business what they can and cannot sell, when the product is legal, is mind-boggling. Add to that this is coming from the party of small government and less regulation and it becomes sadly comical.

– BZ