TRAILER: ‘Being Frank’

Things aren’t always what they seem. Unfortunately, that can even hold true for people and even families. “Being Frank” is a film about an average everyday guy who goes to work, comes home and just […]


Bernie Sanders releases tax returns, reveals he’s a millionaire

Bernie Sanders does not like wealth – unless, of course it’s his wealth.  The democratic-socialist has constantly droned on and on about the 1 percent, saying they are destroying this country by not paying their […]

Mark Cuban contemplating 2020 presidential run

While Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg have ruled out running for president another big name may actually get into the race. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban Monday said that he is considering a running for […]

Former Clinton, Sanders staffers trading barbs, insults

Hillary Clinton, the walking pantsuit, was the 2016 Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. We all now how that ended, in a stunning, humiliating defeat. Before Clinton was officially the nominee of the party that on Monday […]