Latina congressional candidate Catalina Lauf addresses ‘anti-AOC’ label

Catalina Lauf, who is running for Congress in Illinois District 14, is addressing the label that’s been attached to her, branding her as the “anti-AOC” candidate. Appearing on Fox’s Business’ “Varney & Co.”, Lauf says […]

Chris Cuomo: President Trump is ‘wrong in the head’ and ‘wrong in the heart’

Immigration is a white-hot issue right now and it looks to be one throughout the 2020 presidential election. Those on the left and in the media continue to assail President Trump and his administration for […]

Sen. Hirono on MSNBC: Trump admin thinks up ways to be cruel to immigrants every day

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono, to say the least, isn’t a fan of President Donald Trump, his administration or anything they say, do or think. She appeared on Chris Hayes’ program on MSNBC where they discussed […]