Blagojevich says he’s ‘a political prisoner,’ Anderson Cooper calls ‘ bullsh*t’

This week, President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of former Illinois governor and Apprentice cast member, Rod Blagojevich. The Democrat was sentenced to prison after he was recorded trying to sell then-Sen. Obama’s Senate seat […]


Democrat running for Congress in Illinois believes he has solution to poverty; He really doesn’t

Democrats don’t want anyone to suffer. They want all of our needs met. They want “free” college, healthcare, housing, guaranteed employment and and to put an end to climate change. And they want to do […]

Former Illinois GOP congressman Joe Walsh announces presidential campaign

The 2020 election is approaching quickly. There are more than 20 Democrats seeking to replace President Donald Trump. And on Sunday,  a Republican launched a primary challenge to Trump. I’m running for President of the […]