Chris Cuomo: President Trump is ‘wrong in the head’ and ‘wrong in the heart’

Immigration is a white-hot issue right now and it looks to be one throughout the 2020 presidential election. Those on the left and in the media continue to assail President Trump and his administration for […]

Geraldo Rivera asks why ‘almost 700 undocumented workers’ were arrested in ICE raid

Immigration is a hot-button issue and with the 2020 election quickly approaching, it has since become white hot. Much like it did in 2016, immigration is likely to be a major factor in the 2020 […]

Rep. Omar: Trump wants ‘every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned’

Throwing around the word “racism” and “racist” is a favorite pasttime of those in the Democratic Party. Disagree with a Democrat on immigration? You’re a racist. Disagree with a Democrat on any aspect of climate […]

Rep. Omar: Americans are racists, treat dogs better than illegal immigrants

The southern border continues to be a hot-button issue and thanks to Democrats bringing back up the issue over and over again. It would be one thing if they were actually working to fix the […]