Bette Midler bets ‘it’s hot’ where Limbaugh is after his death

Basically, Rush Limbaugh singlehandedly created conservative talk radio. He was a giant in the world of conservative politics for more than three decades, speaking to an audience of millions on a weekly basis. While he […]

Madonna claims to be a victim of ‘the patriarchy,’ says it tries to crush her neck, take her life force

Being a celebrity and over-the-top, bleeding hear liberal seems to go hand in hand. It appears that spouting their liberal opinions whether the public asked for it or not, is part of the gig as […]

‘Schitt’s Creek’ actress gets violent, darker in trailer for new show

“Schitt’s Creek” was a runaway and unexpected hit and likely will remain a huge cult hit for years to come. However, the beloved show has ended and it’s stars will move on to other things. […]

Claudia Conway auditions for ‘American Idol’; show accused of using her for ratings

Claudia Conway, the daughter of Kellyanne and George Conway, auditioned for ABC’s American Idol and her performance aired during the premier on Sunday. Conway, who is sixteen, has caused lots of controversy for her family […]